OneLifeExcursions – Your Journey to Self-Discovery

Our powerful program combines physical activity in a breathtaking natural environment with deep introspection and authentic connection – to yourself and others.

Take a pause, step back from the demands of everyday life and regain perspective about what truly matters in your life.

You will return with newfound clarity, priorities, and actionable insights on how to restore the balance in your life.

Swiss Alps Hiking Group

Why Join Our Excursions?

Sometimes life feels more reactive than intentional. You may be swimming (or drowning) in a constant stream of daily to do’s and demands, out of balance and losing sight of what really matters to you.

You may be ambitious and successful by external standards, yet wondering if you are living the life you truly want.

Our excursions are more than just trips. We will take you on a journey of profound adventure and introspection through invigorating activities for mind, body and soul, in the midst of breathtaking nature.

You will come back refreshed, with new insights and increased self-awareness.

You will be crystal clear about your priorities and equipped with tangible action steps to achieve them.

What Will You Experience?

Nature, physical activity, connection and introspection is the most powerful combination to ignite change and inspire growth. You will experience:

Natures Power: Physical activity in pristine nature that will open your mind, prime your heart, and connect you to your inner self.

Self-Discovery: Small group and individual exercises to help you discover yourself, gain a new perspective on your life, and develop clarity about your priorities.

Deep Connections: An intimate bond with your group and align your mind, body, and soul through teamwork and self-work.

Trusted Space: A safe and supportive environment that facilitates transformation, change, and integration.

Free Camping in the Swiss Alps

Upcoming Excursions

Retreat in the serene landscape of Bali or the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland.

March 4 – 8, 2024 (5 days)

Tropical Excursion in Bali (Indonesia)

Venture off the beaten path and into the natural paradise of Bali to experience the island’s special spiritual energy.

This journey offers a blend of jungle and volcanic hikes, underwater adventures, transformative workshops, coaching and the serenity of a tropical resort.

July 29 – August 02, 2024 (5 days)

Alpine Excursion in Switzerland

Experience the beauty, tranquility and grounding energy of the Swiss mountains in a different light with our Alpine Excursion.

Enjoy stunning mountain hikes, transformative workshops, coaching and the pleasure of lodging in a remote mountain hut, away from everyday life.

Can’t make any of these but want to hear about future excursions? Reach out to us and we’ll inform you.

Interested in a tailored experience for you or your team? Get in touch.

Meet Your Hosts

Photo of Guide and Facilitator

Georg Tanner

An ultramarathon / trail runner and general outdoor enthusiast, Georg left his corporate job in 2021 to move to Bali with his family and pursue a new path.

He is a former corporate innovation leader and certified systemic coach. With extensive experience in innovation, personal and professional development, he has facilitated dozens of workshops to help hundreds of people and teams navigate change.

Georg is holding a Master’s degree in Human Movement Science and Sports from ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

Photo of Guide and Facilitator

Georges Janssens

As an expert in aging, Georges uses the confrontation of mortality as a journey into self-discovery.

He has undergone multiple transformative experiences encountering the rawness of nature and the inner self, and enjoys helping others find their own selves and truths.

Aside from his academic and entrepreneurial journey, Georges is currently working on the development of a transformational retreat centre in the Netherlands.

About OneLifeExcursions

At ‘OneLifeExcursions’, our name is our guiding principle. You have one life – it is our mission to help you make it as enriching and fulfilling as possible.

Our excursions are not just trips, but transformative journeys designed to help you step out of your routine, explore breathtaking natural environments, and connect deeply with yourself and others. We aim to provide experiences that ignite self-discovery, foster personal growth, provide clarity on your true priorities and ultimately, help you seize the essence of your one, precious life.

Embark on an excursion with us, and make every moment of your life count.


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